Ubuntu For Android

Ubuntu For Android

Ubuntu for Android requires minimal custom hardware enablement, allowing fast and cost-efficient core integration. It requires a core based on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or any subsequent version. (運行 Ubuntu for Android 並不需要特製的硬體,這使核心整合得以快速進行且具成本效益。它需要基於 Android 2.3 [Gingerbread] 或任何後續版本的核心。)

Ubuntu and Android share the same kernel. When docked, the Ubuntu OS boots and runs concurrently with Android. This allows both mobile and desktop functionality to co-exist in different runtimes. (Ubuntu 與 Android 共用相同的核心。接駁之後,Ubuntu  OS 會啟動並與 Android 同時運行。這使得行動運算與桌面運算功能能同時存在於不同的執行期中。)

Shared services and applications are delivered using a Convergence API module which ensures the tight integration between desktop and mobile environments. Work is balanced across the cores of the phone. When the handset is not docked, both CPU cores transfer their full power to Android. (共享的服務與應用利用一套 Convergence API 模組來傳遞,那確保桌面與行動環境之間密切整合。工作(量)平均分攤到手機的各個(硬體)核心間。當手持式裝置不再接駁時,CPU各核心會將它們完整的運算能力轉移給Android。)

※ 相信這樣的結合(Motorola 的 ATRIX 已經這麼玩了),會在今年的行動裝置與雲端運算間造成另一股風潮。

* 行動裝置有標準 台需相關人才